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As a leading company in the industry, we’ve gained experience working on hundreds of energy efficiency projects. Scala Energy offers profitable project-based solutions that suit every site; commercial, industrial or institutional. These projects do not require investment (Energy As a Service), pre-purchase, or any risk on your side. We use global-leading and novel technologies and create substantial profits for our customers.

In these days, as the climate crisis is troubling the entire world, it is very important to be part of the array of solutions for the transition to clean energy.

Our approach to
energy projects

The solutions we offer are suitable for industrial factories, commercial, industrial, business centers, warehouses, logistics centers, cold storage, gas stations, roads, parking lots, and more. We enable our customers to reach their sites’ full potential to generate revenue, along with a significant reduction in energy costs and environmental protection.

We manage and supervise every project from start to finish: consultation, investigating alternatives, planning, offering financing alternatives, and receiving reimbursements from the state. We take full control of the results, and we can tailor the best and most accurate solution to each client according to their needs and budget.

Innovative Energy

We work in partnership with leading international companies in energy efficiency, such as Osram Connected Buildings BrainBox AI, Turntide Technologies, and others. In its innovative technological concept, Scala Energy helps its customers save on electricity expenses and significantly increases their revenue stream by turning their facilities into an asset that produces energy.

Throughout the years, and with hundreds of projects in energy efficiency, we have accumulated experience to provide you comprehensive solutions that will turn your company into a more innovative, efficient, and profitable business.

Scala Energy's customers include the
leading companies in the country

Monitored units

at our customers sites

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benefit for our customers

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Saved from Led upgrade & Hvac Saving

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produced from Solar Energy

Turn your roof into an
let the roof work for you

Scala is committed to high competitiveness and building the best investment for its clients. In addition, we enable our customers to maximize investment by combining additional cost-effective energy technologies: lighting, air conditioning and charging stations.

We offer our customers a variety of business models: purchase, lease, sale of electricity, partnership, Energy as a service..

Your partners for
upgrading and saving lighting

The question that is no longer asked is "Should I switch to LED lighting and when?" But "Who is the right partner to make the transition in the most successful way?".
In an age where the whole world is moving to use economical LED lighting, you cannot be left behind!

With over 200 lighting upgrade projects we have carried out at the largest sites in Israel, we will be happy to help you generate income in the easiest, fastest and safest way.

Opportunity and innovation
in air conditioning

Air conditioning systems are responsible for about 60% of the total energy consumption in buildings.
The average lifespan of air conditioning systems is about 15 years and therefore most air conditioning systems installed on sites today are relatively old and do not make use of existing technologies such as communications, sensors, cloud and royal intelligence.

These technologies help us in our daily lives in constant optimization such as traffic jams, smartphones and more.

Scala Energy aims to implement smart solutions in order to upgrade and streamline existing air conditioning systems at its customers' sites.

Let us examine the optimal
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